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The Entity Universe 🌌

Ways to implement entity analysis.

Be in The Know

👾 Discord will begin showing ads to users based on geographic location, age, and gameplay.

📉 Twitter use is down by a quarter since the Musk Era started.

🔗 Source links will be displayed more prominently in the paid version of ChatGPT.

⚓ Was there enough room on that hunk of wood for Jack to survive the Titanic? IDK, but you can bid on the hunk of wood now.

Adobe Generative Fill Prompt: A robot wearing a life vest in the ocean. Painterly.

Enhance SEO & Digital Marketing with Entity Analysis

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Are you using entity analysis to enhance your digital marketing and SEO strategies? Entity analysis is a machine learning method that boosts your keyword research, competitor analyses, on-page SEO, social media, local SEO, and more.

Use entity analysis…

  • in keyword research.
  • in internal link or backlink audits and optimization of site structure.
  • to analyze feedback from your customers or users.
  • for content analysis and new content ideation.
  • to analyze YouTube comments and other social video interactions.
  • by incorporating it into competitor analysis to identify content gaps.
  • to enhance local SEO with geo-specific entities.
  • for on-page and structured data enhancements.
  • to improve the topical authority of your website’s content.

You don’t need coding skills to get started. Get up to speed with Lazarina Stoy’s guide for beginners.

Q for You

How do you feel about brand participation in April Fools Day?


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Here’s the gist:

Enter any YouTube video link, and get a summary of the video. Do with it what you will.

Duolingo on Ice

Duolingo On Ice

Love it or hate it, the best branded April Fools campaign goes to everyone’s favorite antagonistic owl.

Duolingo announced a “4-hour skate dancing extravaganza” filled with fantastical, multilingual musical numbers, like “Spanish or Vanish” and “All That Rizz.”

The brand worked with SeatGeek to build a landing page for tickets (starting at $42) to the 12-city tour. Users who clicked to purchase got a cancellation notice (due to nefarious owl behavior) with promo codes for both brands.

Ads from the Past

Dodge, 1966

Dodge, 1966


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