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What you should know about holiday trends

plus – TMobile and Sprint make moves, PreviewMojo and more.

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2019 Shopping Trends

The holiday has officially arrived. Christmas is in 49 days.

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Google released its new behavioral insights into 2019 holiday shoppers, with tips on how to sell to US consumers.

Alright, here comes the data:

  • For hard goods, the average spent online is $152 bucks.
  • For soft goods, the average spent online is $99 bucks.
  • For everyday essentials, the average spent online is $74 bucks.
  • The top 3 influential factors when deciding to buy are: lowest price for item, free shipping, sale, discount, or promo.

According to Google, mobile searches for “best deals” have grown by 90%.

Searches around “rewards apps” and “Black Friday deals” are up 200% this year. Although consumers are getting their shopping started before Black Friday hits – 37% of holiday shopping has been completed before the week of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

As far as Google tips, here’s what they recommend:

  • Highlight competitive prices: When you can beat the competition, make sure you show it. And keep an eye on the market to get a sense of what specific products might be worth undercutting.
  • Aim for fast and free shipping: Consumers in the U.S. are much more interested in fast shipping times than in-store pickup.
  • Americans tend to identify as “deal seekers”: Price point is usually the most important purchase consideration with free shipping right behind it.
  • Newer markets take note: U.S. shopper values may indicate consumer preferences in a more saturated and standardized e‑commerce market.


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Christmas Dream

Flipping through the Argos catalog is a UK tradition. The&Partnership teamed up with Argos to flip the script focusing on a dad’s Christmas dream.

“Argos renames the catalog ‘The Book of Dreams’ as a dad’s childhood dreams are awoken when he sees the drumkit his daughter has circled.”

Facebook Question of the Day

This is a great campaign from the APA Adoption Center.

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