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TikTok SEO 🕵️

Get on FYPs and SERPs.

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Optimize Your TikTok SEO

Optimizing your TikTok SEO—keyword usage, content quality, and user interactions—not only helps you show up in platform search results and FYPs, but also increases your chances of appearing on SERPs, too. Here’s how.

  1. Get to Know Your Audience Better. Curate an FYP similar to your audience, engage with other content, create polls and quizzes, and Go Live to interact.
  2. Perform Keyword Research Specifically for TikTok. Use the search bar to reveal relevant keywords and hashtags for your niche (try the “alphabet soup,” method), including some long-tail options that include “how to” and “how do.” Use TikTok’s Keyword Research Tool to filter by region, objective, industry, and more.
    • Tok Tip: Use SEO keywords in your voiceover/audio, in your caption, as a hashtag, in your thumbnail text, and as native text on your video. Rename your original sound with your keyword, too.
  3. Optimize Your Profile. Clear logo or profile pic, concise bio with keywords and CTA, and a handle that makes sense for your brand.
  4. Optimize for TikTok’s Search Bar. You can’t influence how TikTok populates the search bars that appear on the top and bottom of videos during active search, but including your keywords properly helps the platform categorize your video and increase discoverability.
  5. Share Cross-Platform. Repurposing TikToks for Instagram, LinkedIn, and blogs can increase brand visibility in the SERPs, generate traffic, and build brand awareness.

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Record in Google Slides

New Google Slides feature unlocked!

You can now record presentations of your slideshow from Google Chrome without downloading a new tool or extension. Just open your file, click record, and configure your settings. Resize and move the video vignette on your slides, pause and re-record, and access saved recordings right in Drive.

2024 Marketing Trends Report

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Perfect Catch

We love a functional collab. Keystone Light and tinned-fish brand Fishwife have teamed up to release The Smooth Snackle Pack, an illustrated tackle box. In addition to insulated beer, it’s designed to hold a tin of smoked salmon in place and it comes with an Uber Eats gift card.

The campaign is supported by limited package designs for both brands, as well as a giveaway to win a performance fishing boat.

And yes, that adorable cartoon lady is towing a row of Keystone Light cans behind her.

Ads from the Past

A little boy wearing glasses and suspenders holds up a See 'n Say toy

Mattel, 1988


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