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Social media is the secret search engine you didn’t know you needed.

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5 Ways to Use Social Media for SEO Keyword Research

Okay, we’ll say it. Keyword research kinda stinks. Luckily, we’re learning a few tricks today with help from Search Engine Journal. Here’s how social media can inform keyword research.

  • Use Facebook Ad Targeting Options for a Glimpse into Audiences. There’s an abundance of data floating around Facebook because of how the majority interact with the social platform.

Action: Targeting options like geography, interests, education, or relationship status to pinpoint similar audiences or even dig deeper into the demographics of your existing audience to truly understand their lives.

  • Dig Into Trending Topics on Twitter. Conversations within trending topics are a major strength. We have the ability to use the exact language that potential searchers use.

Action: Actively engage with your target audience on Twitter. Take advantage of social media monitoring tools to help you stay on top of it all.

  • Discover What Shows Up When You Search Instagram Hashtags. IG is becoming a real search engine wanna be. Get keyword inspiration by searching for hashtags related to your business or target audience. Check out IG’s automatic suggestions or analyze the most popular posts.

Action: SEJ recommends asking yourself –

      • What does the Instagram caption say for the most popular posts?
      • Does it include key pain points or language that you’re not including in your copy?
  • Analyze Content on Pinterest. This creative-focused platform is truly the underdog of the search engine world. Longer phrases or one-word queries, Pinterest offers specific and unique resources.

Action: Search specific key phrases and look to autofill, the top pins, or the suggestion search options.

  • Find Out What Influencers Are Saying on LinkedIn. Like Twitter, you can get a better understanding of exactly how people are communicating and apply it to your keyword research.

Action: Assess which influencers or topics might resonate with your audience most then scan through post comments.

Backlinko with Brian Dean

Learning is all a part of the job, right? Blogging and podcasts aren’t the only ways to upgrade your skills….

Backlinko with Brian Dean is one of our go-to resources. See we gravitate toward actionable tips and that’s exactly what you get at this Youtube channel. Check it out for all things SEO, link building, and content marketing strategy.

Living Jiagu

Y’all it’s amazing just how many languages are spoken around the world. It’s clear that people have a knack for communicating, and there’s so much to be learned through the history of language.

Google brought to life the most ancient form of Chinese characters called JiǎGǔWén (AKA Oracle Bone Script) in order to communicate what each symbol means, and the result is pretty dang cool.

Check out how people were instantly able to understand the meanings behind this ancient language.

Ads from the Past

1983, Marvel Comics

“Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.”

Lucy Maude Montgomery


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