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‘Til You Drop

YouTube’s new shopping features.

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💬 Meta announced updates to Messenger, including group albums.

🏀 Dude Perfect is winning the creator economy by building an empire.

👩‍🍳 Infographic: Cooking is the most popular form of influencer content.

🫧 Dove pledges not to use AI to portray real people in ads.

🚴 Long-form: What’s going on with Peloton’s business strategy?

🐶 Pedigree is using AI to polish adoption photos taken by shelter workers.

AI Prompt: A dog wearing a tie. Pencil sketch.

YouTube’s New Shopping Features

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YouTube has announced new features to enhance its shopping ecosystem this spring in response to 30+ billion hours of views on shopping videos in 2023. Check it out:

Shopping Collections. Creators can curate product selections on the platform (like daily essentials or seasonal picks) based on their preferences and brand affiliations.

Affiliate Hub. Creators can now easily view info on monetization opportunities, including potential brand partnerships, commissions, promo codes, product samples, and more.

Bulk Product Tagging. With this expansion, creators can now tag items in multiple videos all at once, boosting revenue potential from evergreen content.

Fourthwall Integration. This partnership will enable creators to manage business directly through YouTube Studio.

Find out more from the YouTube announcement.

Q for You

Disney+ ditched the royal blue for a new Hulu-inclusive green logo color called “Aurora.”

Disney+ Logo Refresh

Formula Bot

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Use the Formula Bot generator to convert your text into spreadsheet formulas (or vice versa), SQL queries, VBA, Google Apps Scripts, regex, and more.

Use the data analyzer to have AI generate answers, insights, charts, and tables about your data.

Plus, you can automate spreadsheet tasks and run sentiment analysis on text (like product reviews). It’s free!

Hinge monsters in line for Heaven

Designed to Be Deleted

The unruly and oft-abused Hinge monster makes it all the way to the afterlife in the dating app’s new campaign—many times over.

Ads from the Past

Dove, 1962

Dove, 1962


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