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Tour de Force ⭐

Go on a PR topic tour.

Be in The Know

🐢 NotCo has created a plant-based turtle soup to combat sea turtle decline.

🚜 John Deere is hiring a traveling Chief Tractor Officer to launch their TikTok efforts.

🚰 Kraft has rebranded Mio to appeal to wellness-minded Gen Z. Additionally, you can get Mio directly from your faucet.

▶️ YouTube accounted for 10% of all TV watch time in March.

AI Prompt: Turtle Soup

What’s a PR Topic Tour?

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Create a PR topic tour around a trending topic—sharing commentary, data, resources, or unique insights—to establish yourself as an expert. Here’s how:

  1. Identify an industry or media trend. Analyze the last six months of media coverage, use Google News, and reference social media and other tools to zero in on trends.
  2. Identify topics. Once you locate a trend, find subtopics for which you have an existing asset or could create a new asset.
  3. Create or optimize an asset. Create a unique asset related to the trend or optimize an existing one for different platforms.
  4. Pitch or distribute at audience touchpoints. Create customized pitches to podcasts, journalists, op-ed sites, social communities, and blogs.

When you’re ready, Search Engine Journal recommends 22 places to share your content.

Q for You

How has your digital advertising budget changed since 2023?


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Airchat is the stylish, much-hyped Twitter lookalike that incorporates voice notes for every post. You simply speak your mind, then Airchat translates your speech into text and adds it to the chorus of voices on your feed. Basically, it’s like if X had all the context and empathy afforded by human tone of voice.

Cheetos Other Hand

Other Hand

NBA star Jamal Murray doesn’t struggle with hand-eye coordination. So, why has he been whiffing on high fives recently?

Because he’s been working with Cheetos. The brand’s “Other Hand” campaign hinges on the (questionable) statistic that 99% of people eat Cheetos with their dominant hand, leaving the clean hand for some imprecise executions.

Ads from the Past

Cheetos, 1999

Cheetos, 1999


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