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Under The Weather

Tailor your message to the forecast.

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Weather Can Help Your Message Resonate

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and those iced latte ads are looking better than ever.

Factoring weather patterns into your strategy can help you drive engagement, brand loyalty, and revenue. Targeting by weather—down to the zip code—is a privacy-friendly way to deliver personalized messaging that meets consumers where they are. Consider the stats:

  • In 2023, weather is projected to generate $13.5 billion in spending.
  • 75% of Gen Z consumers say good summer weather makes them more impulsive.
  • 43% of Gen Z consumers say they are more likely to crave a snack during thunderstorms.
  • Ecomm spending spikes at +4.5% when it rains between 0.8 inches and 1 inch in 24 hours.
  • 53% of consumers say they are more likely to choose a food or beverage when it’s promoted in relation to current weather.

Dig into more data from The Weather Company at Adweek.

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Coors Light x Patrick Mahomes

Non-Alcoholic Bear

Did we very recently cover an ad featuring a celebrity and a giant bear? Yeah, you got us. But we have another one for you: Patrick Mahomes promoting Coors Light Bear… because he can’t technically promote beer.

Ads from the Past

Sorry, 1975

Sorry, 1975


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