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The Ads You Can’t Skip

Don’t believe everything you hear about TV.

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7 Myths About TV Advertising

Millions of people watch TV every day. And even with the growth of streaming (both ad-free and ad-tiered), traditional TV broadcasts are still some of the most popular and viewed forms of entertainment. And yet, we still hear some misconceptions about TV ads. So let’s break down those myths.

  1. TV isn’t relevant. TV is still effective for advertising with the right approach. Addressable TV helps advertisers precision-target their ads and deliver more relevant messaging.
  2. My brand is too small to advertise on TV. A big misconception is that TV ads aren’t targeted. That’s far from the truth as household and cable data targeting has become as nearly precise as IP and online shopping behavior data.
  3. It’s difficult to measure the ROI. TV now has similar self-service and third-party data tracking as PPC and search campaigns.
  4. Recessions make TV advertising a bad idea. Investing in your marketing now is critical to ensure your brand stays relevant in the short term and reinforces its value in the longer term. TV advertising could be a crucial part of that investment for your brand.
  5. It’s all too complicated. You just have to start with a goal in mind. All channels have pros and cons. Once you understand your goal, treat TV like any other channel that requires a budget and assets to support that end goal.
  6. I can’t afford decent creative. Speaking of assets, you don’t need to be Spielberg to make a TV ad. Thanks to technology, it doesn’t have to be high budget to be high quality. You just have to put effort into your messaging more than production.
  7. I won’t be able to scale if my ads are too successful. Sounds like a good problem to have, right? Many small brands fear they will grow beyond their capabilities to fulfill business if their ads are too widespread. Advertisers can test their campaign in certain areas plus there are options to pause or cap coverage.

There are some big differences between the old ways of TV advertising. Check out the full post for more info!

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Long Live Little Brats

There’s that old saying “boys will be boys” that can end up pretty problematic, but we love seeing kids be kids. The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation released this ad showing two friends keeping up with each other, even when one is undergoing treatment. Watch for a happy ending!

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1964, RCA Victor


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