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Even wackier social media news, plus the benefits of using GA4.

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7 Benefits of GA4

Google Analytics is essential to anything involving websites and links. But the next generation of GA is here, and it’s bringing in some new features for tracking data. Let’s get into the distinct benefits of the new GA4 over Google Analytics Universal Analytics. 

  1. App + Website Data Collating: GA4 lets you use the same GA property for all of your website, app, and mobile traffic so you can get the whole view of your data. 
  2. Easier Tracking, Less Set Up: GA4 reduces the amount of manual tracking you have to set up with predesigned actions and events. There’s no longer any need to set up cross-domain measurement code.
  3. Enhanced Data Visualizations + Reporting: “Real-Time” visualizations have been enhanced. The “Analysis Hub,” includes a template gallery with different types of charts (funnel analysis, exploration, segment overlaps, path analysis, etc.). 
  4. It’s Ready for a Cookie-Less World: In an upcoming cookie-less world, GA4 still allows you to track users on your website. Fill the gap from the removal of cookies through the use of machine learning and AI. 
  5. A Focus on the User Journey: The new GA4 has a stronger focus on users and user interactions, not sessions like in GA UA.
  6. Improved ROI: Get more reliable data concerning your ad spend ROI. GA4 automatically joins together the app and website journeys carried out by the same visitor instead of recording them as separate visits. 
  7. Getting the Best of Both Worlds: Now, it’s still under the best practice to keep your GA UA in addition to a GA4 property. Currently, it’s not possible to track historical data using GA4. 

Check out ReadWrite’s full post for more details (and some of the disadvantages) of GA4.

Q for You

What would you rate your copywriting skills on a scale of 1-5?


Forever on the hunt for your next favorite social media scheduler? We know there are a lot out there and we’re trying to share ’em all.

Dlvr.It might be your new fav scheduler for its automation and post recycling. Auto-post items from RSS feeds, e-commerce sites, photo sharing apps, social networks, and more. It can also integrate with all the tools in your toolbox and has a few pricing tiers to pick from, so try it on your next planned posts to see if it fits your social media needs.

Scalemail Polls

Don’t you wanna know more about your readers? Well go on, ask them what’s up! Scalemail Polls is your ticket to getting it done. This polling system integrates seamlessly into your existing email or site and can be customized to ask all sorts of Q’s.

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Math Is Hard

In the 1980s, A&W tried to compete with the McDonalds Quarter Pounder by offering a bigger, 1/3 pound burger. Unfortunately, Americans are not always the greatest at math (we’re not gonna lie, fractions are hard). So 40 years later, A&W is helping Americans out by just making a 3/9 pound burger with a bigger number that means the same amount. A&W’s mascot, Rooty the Great Root Bear, cracks the code for us.

Ads from the Past

1890, Pillow-Inhaler Company

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and starting on the first one.”

Mark Twain


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