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Nothing Compares 2 Ur Brand

It’s all things personal branding today. See you inside!

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Do you feel dedicating time to personal branding is essential to career development?

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How to Build a Personal Brand After a Job Loss

A recent article from Content Marketing Institute features a personal account on developing a reputation. And without further ado, here’s how you can kick start your personal brand and be on your way to your next great opportunity.

  • Launching a blog. (We’d like to expand this to podcasting or video platforms as well.) Embrace a medium that will help you share your knowledge and gain credibility. When a hiring manager asks, “What are your strengths?” You can confidently say, “x, y, z are my bread and butter. Here are select articles I wrote that showcase my expertise.”
    • Use Grammarly to prepare your written draft and a simple WordPress site to show the world.
    • Be consistent with publishing. Whether it’s once a week, bi-weekly, or monthly.
    • Featured other industry experts in your content
  • Taking to social media. Finding a community of like-minded individuals will be your goldmine as you dive into personal branding. Follow others, start conversations, and again, share your expertise.
    • Though you may be tempted to hit up LinkedIn, focus on a platform you feel most comfortable with whether that’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Groups.
    • We’ll say it again, dive into the conversation and engage with other users! Take advantage of Twitter Chats, for example.
    • Focused less on sharing links to content
    • Obsessed less over the sequence of tweets in my profile
  • Starting a marketing meetup. CMI talks about specifically setting up a B@B Bloggers meet up in San Mateo using A chance to learn from peers and expanding your network, sign us up every time! CMI’s go-to meet up advice:
    • Ask for help
    • Ask presenters to promote the meetup to their networks
    • Experiment more with paid advertising
    • Gain more financial flexibility by selling more sponsorships

Read the full article to get the author’s personal experience in building a personal brand.

Survey Your Peers

Do you realize there are many versions of yourself? One is how you view you. Then there are the countless other versions based on how others see you. We know, we’re diving into some deep thinking today.

We tend to be our own worst critic. This is why surveying your peers (past/present colleagues, classmates, etc) can really come in handy when you are developing a personal brand. In other words, get clarity on defining your personal niche:

  • Get insight into the vibes you’re projecting out to the world
  • Find out what you excel at and what you can improve on
  • Discover any differentiating traits

One tool you can use is Survey Monkey. The user-friendly platform made us big fans.

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Ads from the Past

1941, H. J. Nicoll & Co.

“You want to find a new job? You have to stop thinking like an advertiser of a product and start thinking like a publisher of information.”

David Meerman Scott


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