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Seneca Creek is an outdoor media brand devoted to inspiring and educating people to seek a life outside their office walls.

We were able to grow this brand dramatically through thoughtful content curation, copywriting, and editing for their daily newsletter, social media feeds, and digital journal.

By collaborating with influencers, we have built a highly engaged social following on Seneca Creek’s Instagram account. Seeking guest writers and contributors to provide regular content ensures the journals takes on an authoritative tone.


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Why Influencers Work

Using a simple Q & A format allowed us to collaborate remotely with Megan Helms (AKA Barbie on the Fly) to create authentic content around her personal story and passion.

Megan linked the article on her Instagram account profile @barbieonthefly that now has over 47K followers! The result? Seneca Creek quickly gained quality social followers, email subscribers, and website traffic.

The article continues to receive thousands of views from avid outdoor enthusiasts beyond its original posting. A perfect example of how selecting the right influencer for your industry can drastically impact your reach and level of engagement.

The Takeaway Authenticity is key.

Seneca Creek's target audience is 25-35 year outdoorsmen who hail from the city or suburbs and love the outdoors. Curating the appropriate content and writing in a language that resonates with this niche was vital in communication to an age-group obsessed with authenticity.

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