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Digital advertising for regional furniture retailer.


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Big ticket items like furniture have a long purchase cycle.

How do you stay engaged with a customer who may not buy again for a year or two, while getting in front of new customers looking to purchase? We’ve helped Wolf’s play the long game with a variety of strategic digital marketing efforts.

Email smarter, not harder

Sending targeted, relevant content to the most engaged segments of subscribers dramatically increases open and click-thru rates. It also reduces needless unsubscribes.

In one recent month, segmented emails based on subscriber activity and preferences yielded open rates more than 4 times as great as unsegmented emails. And click-through rates more than 9 times as great as unsegmented emails to the same list.

Digital Advertising

Over a 59 day period (Jan + Feb)

Dynamic retargeting campaign

  • Amount Spent: $2,572.18
  • Conversions: 38
  • Cost per result: $136.10
  • Website purchase conversion: $32,750.60

The Takeaway Even analog businesses need to advertise digitally.

You’re doing your due diligence to keep up with an ever-changing industry, even signing up for daily emails on the subject. But, do you have the time to wrangle all the details? We can help.

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