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Overcoming Attention Deficit Disorder in the Digital Space

We are no longer limited to consuming only what is available on television and radio.

Attention Deficit Disorder. We all have it to varying degrees. How many tabs are open on your browser right now? How much content do you consume daily?  According to Leo Qin the average user scrolls between 71.20 and 74.21 feet per day on their phone. Here’s the calculation.

The reason we do it?

Broadcasting your message has never been easier

We are no longer limited to consuming only what is available on television and radio. With platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat each person can curate a custom digital experience as well as share their own.

If the article your friend just shared has no relevance or the video that started automatically playing in your Instagram feed is mediocre, then just scroll to something better. Because after all, you have endless miles of content to scroll through.

This new landscape opens huge opportunities for brands and startups when it comes to testing minimum viable product and taking it directly to the market.

It allows individuals to have an unfiltered voice to tell their story or promote their cause.

When a single personality is producing content on their iPhone that is more inspiring than anything airing on network TV, a paradigm shift has taken place.

But remember with this shift comes new challenges.

[pull_quote]Invest in attention, it’s the new gold.[/pull_quote]

Capturing attention has never been more difficult

With every brand playing on 10 it’s hard to make out the real talent. We now have a place on the stage but we struggle to gain and hold a person’s attention.

Is it simply having a short attention span or rather that too much content is readily available? In either case, we need to find a way to rise above the noise.

Here are 4 ways we have learned to overcome this problem within our own organization and for our clients.

How We Overcome

  • Clarify what you do and how it benefits those that choose to consume.
  • Frequency and consistency in your content are important but Quality is essential.
  • Good design could be the deciding factor between your content and a competitor.
  • Developing with a mobile-only approach will become a necessity to capture and retain attention.




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