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19 A/B Tests You Should Run on Your Website

Sometimes it’s not the most obvious A/B tests that drive the most growth. But you won’t know until you start testing things out. So what should you test? Here are some ideas to help you out:


  • Serif vs. sans serif
  • Colors
  • Font size
  • Type faces

Calls to Action

  • Position
  • Color
  • Text

Pricing Schemes

  • Freemium vs. free trial vs. money back guarantees
  • Free trial length
  • Pricing each plan

Landing Page Copy

  • Short-form copy vs. long-form copy
  • Video vs. text sales pages
  • Actual text

A/B Tests for Your Website

  • Number of columns
  • Background images and patterns
  • Navigation links
  • Link colors
  • Contact form fields

Check out all the deets for all 19 tests in Neil Patel’s post!


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