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25 Tips for Updating Old Blog Posts for SEO & Boosting Organic Traffic

Perfecting SEO with minimum effort, oh yeah! Databox asked over 100 marketers how to approach a content refresh and here are some of those tips.

  1. Consolidate mid-performing content. Round up old blog posts with similar topics and combine them. This tactic adds non-fluff length to the original post, eliminates duplicated content, and strengthens quality.
  2. Update meta tags for keywords with a low CTR. Click-through-rate explains how many people see your content and are compelled to click on it. If the CTR is low, try re-writing the title and meta description with more attractive language.
  3. Improve your search intent match. Does your content fully answer questions a searcher could ask in Google?
  4. Link to new research studies. Outdated resources ages blog content like milk sitting out on a hot day. Update your content with the latest data reports to maintain relevance.
  5. Change the alt text of your images by keeping the description under 125 characters and about the actual image. This isn’t a space for keyword stuffing. Alt text improves accessibility and image SEO.
  6. Avoid making too many drastic changes. The point of a content refresh is to add on to its value. Try updating small segments of a content piece at a time instead of an overhaul.
  7. Add expert quotes. Capitalize on expertise by adding credibility to the post with external links, authoritative quotes, and relevant stats.
  8. Remove brand-specific mentions. The brand example you used to show off a strategy may have worked at the time, but can become another way for your piece to look outdated. Update those brand examples or look for something more generalized.
  9. Repromote your updated blog post. Go ahead and repost your content on social media or try to get it shared by other sources.

We barely scratched the surface on this one. Click through to get the goods!


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