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How Black History Month impacts your brand.

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What brands need to know before celebrating Black History Month 2021

Marketers are no strangers to planning and strategy. It’s a necessary part of the job and its importance won’t dwindle. As you’re probably aware, February is Black History Month, which for brands and individuals is a time to promote and support Black and African American communities. But promotion and support are not and should not be limited to a single month. Instead, let Black History Month influence your year-round commitment to supporting and promoting Black and African American people and businesses.

Sprout Social is here to explain what brands need to know before celebrating Black History Month 2021.

First things first: What’s the purpose of Black History Month?

  • Black History Month began when historian Carter G. Woodson felt Black peoples’ history and contributions to society were severely underrepresented and overlooked; recognition was due.
  • Each year’s Black History Month revolves around a theme. This year’s theme is The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity.

Recognize Black history 365 days a year. The purpose of this month transcends the month itself. It’s up to people and businesses to pave the way toward a more just and equitable society for all. These things take more of a commitment than any single month would ever allow.

  • Consider who benefits from your Black History Month ideas.
  • How can these ideas be baked into your business and employed throughout the whole year?

This is the Black community’s time to shine. Show some love and support above all and be intentional and sincere about it. Demonstrating true understanding and support means taking the time to enrich your own cultural intelligence. Keyaira Lock outlines that if you can learn the real struggles, dreams, and fears of the Black community, you can find “mutually beneficial ways to thoughtfully insert your brand.”

Read on for more great takeaways from Sprout Social.


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“In order to authentically connect and build trust, brands must continually identify natural opportunities to connect their brand purpose with moments the Black community cares about.”

-Keyaira Lock


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