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Top Facebook Updates You Have to Know Now

The good news. Facebook didn’t drop any major changes to the platform/algorithm yet. But they did make a few minor ones to be aware of.

Thanks to Adespresso, we’re always in the loop even when Facebook tries to be sneaky. After all, the best way to be successful with the social platform is to know everything about it.

New policies coming to Messenger

  • The standard messaging window is now 24 hours.
  • Get ready for streamlined message tags. It allows personalized one-on-one messages outside of the standard messaging window in four specific use cases.
  • News messaging is here (beta). This new feature will allow registered news agencies to set up subscription messaging in a way that other businesses can’t.
  • Launch of a new API for one-time notifications.

New page Management History tool available

Have a page managed by multiple people? New to managing your company’s business page? The now available Management History Tool will stop any confusion. Find this tool on your Page in the “Settings” tab toward the bottom. Right now, the history dates back to November 2019.

Facebook updates the policies for politic ads

2020 is an election year and the politic ads are in full swing right now. If you want these kinds of ads to calm down, Facebook is giving control to users. To reduce the number of political and social ads, go to “Ad Preferences” and opt for fewer ads on these topics.

On the flip side, you can also check up on any running political ads using an updated version of the Ads Library.

Click below to visit the article and get all the details. Plus, Adespresso rounded up all the updates on Instagram as well.

Facebook Ad Library

Y’all, we’re messin’ inside Facebook on the daily. More often than not, the paid side makes us want to chuck our computers out the window. All of em. But, there is one element that we find useful.

Facebook’s Ad Library is a great tool. It’s a searchable collection of all ads currently running through Facebook or Instagram. It’s your place for ad inspiration or to keep an eye on competitors.

Obviously, we’d never suggest stealing anyone else’s work. Ads Library gives you the opportunity to better understand your industry, check-in on the language or creative that’s being used, and grab an edge on your competitors, of course.

Fix the World

Snickers kept it real with us. We’re not ourselves when we’re hungry. We get hangry, do whacky things, and become completely different people.

Come to think of it, there is a great deal of things in our world that are out of whack, and Snickers knows it. That’s why they’re feeding the world a Snickers. In this ad, they’re literally dropping a goliath confection down a big hole in the Earth. Fingers crossed we see some good results!

Ads from the Past

1895, Singer Sewing Machine

“If a man watches three football games in a row, he should be declared legally dead.”

Erma Bombeck


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