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6 Ways to Engage Your Organic Search Traffic on Social Media

Organic growth can be slow-moving. A true test of patience. Luckily, we can combine the benefits of organic with the speed of Facebook targeting. Today, Search Engine Journal is taking us through 6 ways to engage your organic search traffic on social media.

Step 1: Perform Keyword Research. The key is ranking for what your audience is typing – not just ranking for what you want. Figure out what people are actually typing then answer their questions one at a time with your content.

Step 2: Create a Piece of Content. After you know what people are searching for and how many people are searching, craft a blog post around this topic. Of course, the ultimate goal of the blog is to generate revenue in one way or another. Engagement and readership will help your ranking and promote your ultimate goal.

Step 3: Get Organic Traffic. Simple step here: wait. Give your blog some time and keep a goal around 1,000 people.

Step 4: Set Up Social Media Pixel. Once your blog is published and you’re getting some solid traffic, you can set up a social media pixel on your website. Your pixel serves the purpose of remarketing to page visitors or determining how many visitors complete your desired action.

Step 5: Create a Lookalike Audience. Once you find who is visiting your site, you can tap into Facebook’s vast array of data so you can target people with similar interests and patterns.

Step 6: Serve the Audience Social Media Ads. Create and display relevant ads for the lookalike audiences you made on Facebook. Remember, it’s not one and done. Create ads (using Ads Manager and not ‘boosting’ posts) you can display throughout the buyer’s journey.

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