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7 Psychology Facts That All Marketers Should Know

Understanding psychology is crucial for marketers. In fact, Nathan Greenberg (what up, Nathan!?) from our Facebook Group believes that a formal knowledge of psychology is essential for marketers to be successful. In his own words:

“Every purchasing decision is made on an emotional level. To influence a decision, understand the emotion behind it.” [Tweet this Quote]

Wise words, Nathan.

Our friends over at Buffer just released a great podcast episode that will help you get started down that path of understanding psychology. They’re specifically talking about 7 psychological facts that marketers should know.

Timestamps and show notes are below, but you should really listen to this one yourself…

  • (01:12) Transparency. One of the best ways to build trust & credibility is to be transparent.
  • (02:00) It works because so many marketing claims simply aren’t credible. Transparency helps prove that you aren’t lying or twisting the truth in any way. That builds trust with your audience.
  • (03:24) Emotions are powerful and even contagious. People are more likely to share positive stories from brands. If you can make someone happy with your content, they’ll be more likely to share it with their audience.
  • (03:58) Emojis work well because of this reason.
  • (05:17) The Halo Effect. This is a cognitive bias that causes people to judge a person, place, or thing off of their initial assessment of it. It’s essentially “first impression bias”.
  • (05:57) We tend to allow a single attractive quality of a brand affect our judgment of it as a whole. This is why influencer marketing works.
  • (07:02) You can use the Halo Effect by associating your brand with “cool” companies.
  • (07:22) Reciprocity. If someone does something for you, you’ll want to do something for them.
  • (08:19) Buffer uses reciprocity by sending stickers to people who participate in their Twitter chats.
  • (09:52) The Baader-Meinhof phenomenon explains why nurturing and retargeting are incredibly important.

This podcast is short and sweet, but there are still 5 minutes to go. You’re gonna want to tune in…


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