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Employee branding as a Marketing Strategy

Good service to customers goes a long way. And who are the peeps delivering your goods? Your employees. They are the people who can make (or break) your brand come alive for your customers. Employee branding is an essential part of your overall reputation strategy.

So let’s tap into your people! Much of these tips are for a long-burn strategy that involves strategic talent acquisition, so let’s get into it:

  • Building Employee Persona: Collecting data from across employees to create a representative group to know experiences and characteristics to represent the brand’s core values.
  • Employee Alignment: When employees believe in the brand, it shows in their work. Engage your employees with the brand, and they’ll want to support it as well.
  • Hiring in Tune with Culture: This might seem like an obvious one, but when hiring, you’ll want to ensure that there’s a cultural fit for your brand representation. Your recruiting should reflect your brand as well.
  • Create a Brand of Sustainability: Sustainable work-life balance for every employee is now essential to every business or brand worth promoting.
  • Role of Technology: The possibilities are limitless for engaging employees and having them engage back thanks to social networking and online portals. We’re in a virtual space more days than not, especially for the workplace. 

Remember, every employee touchpoint mirrors consumer marketing touchpoints. There’s always an opportunity to reinforce the brand. Get the full shebang at People Matters’ article.


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