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Content Shock is Real

& other insights we’ve learned this year… (Hey! It’s only November!)

How To Create Content That Ranks For 11,000+ Keywords

Julia McCoy, CEO of Express Writers, is a lit-er-al keyword kween. She has lead content projects that now rank for more than 11,000 keywords! And, content that she’s published years ago is still top ranking!

If that don’t impress you much, what are you doing! Keywords are theeee most important promotion tool you can use to help your content reach the biggest audience…

Basically, we’re really excited to hear what Julia is dishing in today’s Listen. Some lit-er-al secrets to success right here:

  • (02:15) What made Julia start Express Writers and what she does there.
  • (03:58) An overview of the content strategy at Express Writers.
  • (04:42) Why consistency is keeeey. Express Writers has over 1000 blogs they built out in the last six years!
  • (05:25) Rand Fishkin’s & 10x content (content on a topic that’s 10 times better than what anyone else is doing), and why Julia rules out topics with 10x content. 
  • (06:30) How Julia helps older content maintain a high ranking in the search engines.
  • (07:23) Why it’s vital to create content where that keywords IS the topic. Make sure it’s the focus—naturally.
  • (08:22) Why targeting low-competition keywords works. (Psst… this is one of her “secrets to success.”)
  • (09:37) How Julia finds the keywords and what tools she uses.
  • (11:10) Two approaches she takes to make sure content will rank for a keyword despite the competition.
  • (12:22) The two factors Julia considers when she defines “good content” for Express Writers.
  • (14:30) Tips on weaving keywords into great content. 
  • (15:53) Why geo specific keywords are the bommmmb—what Julia calls a “goldmine of a keyword.”  
  • (19:56) Why long-form content is important when it comes to ranking.
  • (25:45) Where to focus first if you’re a content marketer just getting started with using keywords.

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10 Things We Learned About Marketing This Year

Apparently, it’s the time of year where everyone recaps the world of marketing in 2017. At first, we were all, “Isn’t it a little early?  We still have two full months left in the year.” Then we read this blog and we were like, “OKAY, THIS AUTHOR HAS SOME REALLY GOOD INSIGHTS.” (Don’t know why we started yelling. Jordyn started it.)

Anyway, let’s take that energy and get right to it. Here are our favorite takeaways from marketing in 2017:

  1. Content Shock is real. The amount of content that’s being published continues to increase. But, there are only so many shares to go around and the average share per post is declining. Rapidly.
  2. Less is more. Content marketers are spending more time producing less content. That’s a good thing. That means that we’re taking the time to produce quality content, rather than just spamming the internet with low-quality fluff pieces. If you haven’t taken this approach with your content marketing, maybe it’s time to start?
  3. Average Facebook engagement is declining. We already know that Facebook’s organic reach is trash, but did you know that the average engagement per post is also rapidly declining? Engagement and reach definitely go hand-in-hand.
  4. Video is dominating Facebook reach. The bright spot in all of this Facebook doom and gloom is video. The average video post in 2017 reached 12.05% of the total page audience, just ahead of photos at 11.63%, and links at 7.81%. Moral of the story? Start doing video already.
  5. Reddit is a good content promotion platform. In just one weekend, Brandwatch managed to drive 241,196 views (daaaaaannng) to a single blog post from Reddit.
  6. Timing matters. Shares happen more often during the weekdays. Posting earlier in the week makes it more likely that your posts will get maximum shares.

See ’em all in today’s Read. 

Shake Up Imagination

As much as it pains us to say this: Halloween is over, and we’re moving on from horror ads. We truly can’t get enough, but our boss looked at us like this when we brought up using another one… 

So, we’re moving on.

 The Man can’t stop us from using other holiday ads, though! 

Remember being a kid and shaking all of your Christmas presents trying to figure out what was in that carefully wrapped box? Maybe you still do that. Lego is taking that idea to the next level with their new holiday campaign.

The spot features kids shaking Christmas presents and guessing what’s inside. Once they figure out that they’re shaking a box of Lego’s, the kids’ imaginations run wild with what they’re going to build.

And that’s what we liked most, you barely see any actual product in the ad, it’s all imagination.

“Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it.”
Salvador Dali

Ads from the Past


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