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How to Fix the 14 Most Common Content Strategy Mistakes

If your content isn’t moving you toward your goal, your content strategy isn’t working. But what can ya do? Well, Go Visually put together a list of counter-strategies to some of the most common mistakes marketers make. Let’s get into it by listing our top favorites from the list:

1) Not Documenting Your Strategy: Often times, teams are operating content creation without a true process. The fix: Physically map out a content strategy with assign tasks, goals, and approvals.

2) Working without audience analysis: If you’re don’t know who you’re trying to reach, or assuming (gasp) that you know your audience, your content probably won’t connect. The fix: Talk to your potential customers, ask questions about what they care about, and get inside their minds to understand your ideal audience.

3) Lacking Consistent Content: Be sure your content isn’t created and published inconsistently. One-off pieces are cool from time to time, but a cohesive content plan is better. The fix: Break your strategy down into “content campaigns” that also ensure you’re tailoring content for each audience.

4) No Goals? No Way: Posting to post doesn’t help anyone out. To be truly effective, every piece of content should be mapped to a goal. The fix: Simply ask yourself: “why?” and “what?”

5) Swerving Market Trends: Marketers can struggle to stay up to date not just with popular market trends, but the latest competitors’ movements as well. The fix: Sometimes a coincidental event can turn into an opportunity for you to expand your content. When you have your core strategy in place, being flexible to tackle new trends becomes a lot more manageable.

Check out the other 9 common mistakes and a whole bunch of content ideas on Go Visually’s blog!


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