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How to Write Customer Success Stories That Sell

Wouldn’t it be nice if customers knew the greatness of our respective companies and bought without much question?

Thank goodness that’s not the case. A world without marketing is a boring one. We’re leaning on CoSchedule today to supercharge our conversion and sales efforts with customer success stories (CSS).

CSS is a stand-alone content piece that clearly shows the benefits of working with a company from the perspective of its customers.

How to find the right customers to feature in CSS? Start by evaluating your current CRM data to find traits of happy customers:

    • Long-time buyer
    • Spend more money than most
    • Buy frequently
    • Refer others to you

How should you reach out to happy customers? When you start outreach, focus on making your message specific and relevant to the customer. CoScedule actually has an email template already drafted for you to use!

What to ask your customers after they say yes to an interview? Your customers could have the most amazing success story but you have to draw it out of them. CoSchedule has a list of 20 questions you can use. Here’s what you’ll want to cover within your questions:

  • Customer background
  • Customer challenge
  • Their process for finding a solution
  • Their chosen solution
  • Implementation
  • Outcomes/benefits they achieved
  • Future plans

How to turn the interview into evergreen content? These are the building blocks to create a powerful piece of content that lives on your website:

  • A strong, click-enticing headline
  • Company information: industry, company size, revenue, and other facts pertinent to your product
  • Brief overview: an introductory paragraph that calls out the most impressive outcomes and metrics
  • The story itself: a narrative that includes your customer’s challenge, the solution they’ve implemented, and the outcome they’ve experienced.

There are more fantastic tips we couldn’t cover. Smash the button!


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