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How the Travel Business is Crushing SEO

For SEO Monday, we’re taking a page from the travel business.


Because organic traffic is the #1 source of traffic for travel brands, which means in order to rank, they must be doing something right. Surprisingly enough, they’re still imploring a lot of old school tactics that are working.

So, without further ado, here are 5 principles you can apply to your SEO strategy from top travel companies. 

  1. Home page text: If you’re a paid-ads focused brand, home page text might not be for you, but it’s often overlooked by brands who are trying to rank organically. Head over to Hotwire and check out their footer to see how they’re using keyword-rich text to drive organic results.
  2. Internal links in footer: There are 2 schools of thought on links in the footer. The pro-footer link folks say they’re a good way to ensure your key pages are linked to and crawled. Either way, it ultimately comes down to the size of your site. Check out Hotels.com to see how they’re using footer links with exact match anchor text.
  3. Text on every important page: When it comes to your most critical pages, custom keyword content will go a long way. Case in point: Kayak created custom keyword-rich text and FAQs on their U.S. to Ireland flights page. Keep in mind they have thousands upon thousands of similar pages. Takeaway: find a way to get keyword-rich content on your most important pages.
  4. Landing pages built just for organic keywords: The goal here is to scale up on your landing pages with specific keywords. If you’re a smaller site, try to create 10-12 service or product pages that serve user intent.
  5. Click-worthy title tags: Title tags are important and one of the best elements to A/B test. Travel brands are always experimenting with new title tag variations to stand out. Head over to Google and type in “hotels in Paris,” to get an idea on what brands are doing.

Sign It

Create a beautiful, professional email signature in seconds with Signature Lab.

There are 6 great looking templates. All you have to do is add in your details, upload a logo, customize the colors and install. No coding required.

Showing Up

The November Project is a free, open-to-the-public exercise group founded in Boston, Massachusetts, in 2011. 

With over 50 locations worldwide, the November Project continues to grow and inspire.

We’re excited to have Brogan Graham (founder of November Project) speak at the Yearly Carnage on October 4th. Brogan we’ll be sharing how to build a community regardless of your industry.

Check out the inspiring watch from the November Project below.

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