Craigslist just did a thing. For real. - Carney
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Craigslist just did a thing. For real.

plus – B2B marketing trends in 2020, custom email images, and snowball fights.

Be in the Know

What’s Trending in B2B Marketing for 2020?

This one is for all you B2B folks.

Because we like you to be in the know, we’re sharing what’s trending in 2020.

Facts: Bears eat beets.  More than 70% of millennials are included in B2B buying decisions.

Why should you care? The B2B game is changing (clearly) and you’re gonna want to be ahead of the curve. Here are some tips.

  • Engage Your Prospects With Personalized Communications: Think that templated email is gonna close a sale? Think again. You need to tailor your message to the individual you’re selling to. Tip: Check out their LinkedIn profile or Facebook page. Maybe you have something in common. Roll with it.
  • Reenergize Your Email Marketing: Email isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it still remains the preferred channel of communication among decision-makers. With 2020 upon us, it’s time to take a closer look at your email marketing. Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, and Klayvio are great places to start. On a budget? Check out MailerLite.
  • Invest in your B2B Social Media Strategy: Don’t post on social media just to post on social media. Determine WHAT you’re using social for and build out your strategy accordingly. What’s your objective? Who is your audience? What platform is the right platform?
  • Refine your Content Marketing Efforts: ‘70% of B2B buyers research their potential purchases by watching videos, and 45% of marketers plan to add YouTube to their marketing repertoire by next year.’ Takeaway: Ramp up your video efforts (like now).
  • Use Chatbots: Whether you’re trying to book new demos or resolve customer issues, Chatbots can help. We recommend setting up custom chatbots as soon as you can.

Alright, alright. Time to get your B2B on.


We just stumbled upon this nifty little tool.

Hyperise allows you to create personalized images with a Chrome extension and easy-to-use image editor. Think…quick and customized imagery for your email.

It looks pretty cool.

Epic Snowbrawl

Apple has been pushing its three-lensed iPhone 11 technology since September.

Their latest ad features a highly cinematic snowball fight. The ad not only shows off the quality of the phone but also some creative ways to use it.

Any guesses what it was shot with?

A. iPhone 11

Facebook Question of the Day

Morgan says, “Suggestions for an email marketing platform?

  • Have 3200 customer emails
  • Only sending 2-3 emails per month

We were going to go with MailChimp, but having a hard time justifying $50/month minimum.

Ads from the Past

“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”
Bill Gates


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