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Start The Par-dee

We don’t usually do this, but wanna see what happens when a brand swings and misses?

Chef Boyardee brought Donny Osmond and Lil Yachty together to create some music. But, we can’t figure out why.

The whole thing is to promote their new “Throwback Recipe.” It makes sense that they’d bring Donny Osmond in for that. But Lil Yachty? No idea how he fits in. His main demo is Gen Z so clearly Chef Boyardee is trying to gain some attention from Gen Z.

But, no one from Gen Z has ever heard of Donny Osmond (we asked our summer intern Jennie…who we’ve nicknamed ‘JenZ’). On the flip side, no one from Donny Osmond’s target audience has ever heard of Lil Yachty (we asked our boss ’cause he’s old).

So we’re back to the original “why?” question. Are they trying to bridge two generations and bring them together over Chef Boyardee? Maybe. But it doesn’t work. The video does have a lot of views, though, so that’s something…


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