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The Litmus 2021 State of Email Report

2021 is a big year for data. After Covid-19, metrics that marketers held near and dear to their hearts are nearly irrelevant. The pandemic shifted the shopping and consumption habits of the world, and 2021 was the year of adapting to those changes.

Litmus, the top dog of email data and testing, has been a guiding light to navigating privacy changes and best practices moving forward. So we just gotta share their 2021 State of Email report. The report explores personalization, privacy, adaption, and overall successful emails.

Here are some stats that we are keeping in our minds for a while:

  • Over 90% of survey participants said that email marketing is critical to the overall success of their company.
  • Over 40% of companies intend to increase their investment in email marketing in 2022….but on the other side of that coin, only 60% said they have a full grasp of their email ROI.
  • BIMI, or Brand Indicators for Message Identification, is becoming increasingly important to markets with over half of the responders saying they plan to incorporate them in 2022.
  • Almost 60% of marketers want to expand their email automation efforts.
  • Over 60% of responders say they use email threads or comments for proofing as opposed to messaging apps or video calls.

Litmus also covered how to prepare for privacy and tracking changes in the near future. If you want to see how to get your emails ready for Apple Mail’s Privacy Protection, see their post here.

Check out the full report for yourself to see where your brand lands among the surveys.


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