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The Netflix Effect in Effect

  • Back at it Again with the White Vans: What happens when you have an absolute hit show that features a simple wardrobe staple around Halloween? You get shoes flying off of shelves. Case in point: Squid Game’s influence on a 7,800% spike in white slip-on Vans sales. READ MORE
  • The Witcher Multi-verse: Nerds rejoice! The Witcher is an adaptation to the video game series, which is an adaption of a book series. Upon the Netflix series release, a new wave of interest in the franchise came about just in time for a surge in Witcher 3 video game sales. READ MORE
  • A Whole Gambit of Sales: How does one of the oldest board games become one of the hottest selling Christmas gifts of 2020? Netflix. The show created a phenomenon in retail, online game forums, and the original novel of the same name. It makes you wonder what else Netflix can influence if it can boom something like chess. READ MORE
  • All is Fair in Love and Binges: Book-to-streaming adaptations are expected to boost book sales. Bridgerton was no exception as people flocked to the novel series. What the Netflix show also helped was pop culture obsessions over the romantic genre and, more importantly, social discussions around representation. READ MORE
  • Amplify the Vamps: Castlevania was an otherwise obscure video game before being adapted by Netflix. Now Reddit threads are everywhere trying to find the game. This is also an example of Netflix influencing its own sales possibilities. Boosting the subculture around Anime, Netflix can bolster merch and additional content. READ MORE

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