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A 10 Outta 10 Landing

Making splits look easy! Landing page tests don’t have to feel like gymnastics.

11 Landing Page Split Testing Ideas

Because there are so many variables in converting a sale or lead off of a landing page, it can be hard to pinpoint what to split test.

Possible variables to split test with landing pages:

  1. Conversion goals -If your landing pages include multiple goals, CTAs, or offers, try testing a version of the landing page with only one offer.
  2. Attention ratio – The attention ratio is the number of links on the page compared to the number of conversion goals. Ideally, you want a 1:1 ratio. Test out removing all other links like social media, internal, and footer links.
  3. Message match – Test how closely your LP’s messaging and visuals match where your visitors originated from (ads for example).
  4. Offer – Play with variations that have more urgent or valuable discounts.
  5. Forms – You can test pretty much anything on forms! The microcopy, required fields, and columns are just some of the variations.
  6. CTAs – Copy, color, button-type, triggers, hovers, and placement are popular things to test.
  7. Social proof – You can test if you want any reviews or data present at all, how they look, and how many.
  8. Layout – Your visual hierarchy, placements, and contrast play a huge role for page conversions and bounces so test out layouts with your existing content or rethink your structure entirely.
  9. Headline – Don’t assume your copy is finished until the fat A/B tests sing.
  10. Design – Test an image change or palette variation, but be careful testing out too many design elements at once.
  11. Copy – We talked about CTAs, goals, and headlines. But you may need to test your overall tone, writing style, and formatting.

Remember, A/B tests isolate a single variable, multivariate tests do multiple at one time. Work systematically if you are choosing to go the multivariate route. Check out the full post by KlientBoost for more testing tips!

Q for You

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Vidico – high-return video content + ads


Video content is known to increase your engagement and brand visibility. Video ads rule because they can bring results like these:

  • Bailey Nelson’s got a 3,617% increase in Google Search lift.
  • Wisr generated 10,000 app downloads from a single video.
  • Cascade got 375,000+ views, 5.8k hours of watch time, and an average view time 56s out of 60s.

How did they do it? With Vidico!

Vidico is a video production company that produces stellar video content and animation. They have created content for companies like Vimeo, Spotify, Digital Ocean, and Square. See for yourself and check out their massive library of examples.

How much is a video? Take the free VidiFit Quiz to determine the type of video, creative direction, length, and budget, in minutes.

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Noodle Art 🍝

Barilla released an ad that shows one intense spaghetti ballet.

The ad showcases their most recent packaging rebrand for their pastas and this particular kind of “rough” spaghetti. The idea is that the textured noodles hold on to sauce better, making it a more flavorful experience.

Ads from the Past

1943, Karo


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