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The Daily Carnage

We Messed Up

I’m Sorry

In our Friday Daily Carnage, we quoted Woody Allen.

We recognize this and sincerely apologize for our oversight. We want to thank those who spoke up and educated us.

Instead of sending out an immediate response, we decided it was more important we understand our wrong and determine the appropriate corrective action so it doesn’t happen again.

Over the weekend, we asked Gloria Pytlak to take over the role as Chief Editor on the Daily Carnage team. She will contribute to writing sections and having the last look of every Daily Carnage before it hits your inbox every morning. Some of you may know her as one of the leaders behind MissFits.

The Daily Carnage will always be your handpicked list of the best marketing content. With the goal of helping all in the marketing profession become the sharpest marketer in the room.

We made a mistake. But you can count on us to listen and take action to prevent it from happening a second time.

Rob Carney


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