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Here’s how you can use Twitter’s Advanced Search, plus more!

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Twitter Advanced Search: What It Is and How to Use It for Marketing

Twitter is a never-ending party with over 500 million tweets every single day. But how do you go about zeroing in on tweets and content you’ll actually benefit from? The answer is Twitter Advanced Search, and Wix is telling us just what it is and how to use it for marketing.

It’s all about filters, y’all. And not the kind you use on your Instagram posts. We’re talking about granularity here. You’ll only find Advanced Search on the desktop version of Twitter and you can use it with or without a Twitter account.

  • First, use the standard search bar and filter by location or people, then click on “Advanced Search.” This is where the magic happens. You can now search for tweets containing certain words, exact phrases, hashtags, and more. Cut out tweets in languages you don’t know as well.
  • Searching by account allows a view of tweets from or to whichever account you specify. Filter out links and replies and get right to original tweets. Looking for tweets with a certain amount of traction? Specify minimum replies, minimum likes, or minimum retweets and take a look at what it yields.
  • When it comes to your marketing efforts, Twitter Advanced Search helps get to the heart of whatever concerns you. These granular filters will show results you can use for your evolving social media strategies. You can hone in on your local market with geographical filters or figure out who the biggest influencers are in your niche based on engagement.
  • Twitter isn’t a dedicated review site, but you can piece together how people view your brand or look for intel on your competition. Get into the fine details. See what folks are saying, what language they’re using, and how the competition is responding to comments.

Tap into Twitter Advanced Search and get the most out of this lively platform.


When inspiration strikes, people whip out their phones and share 140 characters with the rest of the world. It’s not always instantaneous, but it can be with ClickToTweet.

ClickToTweet lets you generate custom links so someone can click something you’ve written and instantly share it with Twitter.

For instance, let’s say you have an inspiring quote or insightful data on your website and a visitor wants to tweet it. Use ClicktoTweet to create a link, add it to your site, then when someone clicks the link, the quote will populate in twitter and all they’ll need to do is click “Tweet.”

Quality sleep can really set you up for a great day. We all know keeping a routine is good, but it doesn’t always pan out. Luckily, with just a smartphone we can better track our sleep cycles so we can feel well-rested upon awakening.

Sleep Cycle uses your phone’s accelerometer to determine when you start to stir and wakes you up once you’re out of a deep sleep. Start waking up refreshed.

Your home directly insured online

It’s good for us to slow down from time to time. Life gets busy, and the next thing ya know, you’re trying to dial someone’s number using the calculator app instead of the phone app. On these days a respite from all the chaos is certainly welcome.

Today’s Watch comes from Allianz Direct. The fastest person in the world is teaching us how to take it easy. Let’s face it when you’re relaxing, it can be hard to clear your mind. Especially if you’re worried about the status of your home insurance.

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“Focus your business on what you do best. Let everyone else worry about the rest.”

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