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To Automate or Not…

Love it or hate it, automation is here to stay.

For us marketers, it’s not a bad thing (until all of our jobs are taken by bots).  🤖 Let’s face it though, our jobs are safe for quite a while.🤞🏼

When we talk about the ‘Pros’ of automation, a few come to mind.

  • Time-savings
  • A/B testing abilities
  • A feedback loop between your sales and marketing team

Considering we’re ‘glass half-full’ kind of folks here at Carney, we’re gonna lean into the positives and discuss some ways to use automation.

  1. Post Scheduling: We all know social media is a grind. It requires constant attention, strategic planning, and meticulous scheduling. Luckily, there are a ton of tools to use for scheduling purposes. Pro tip: plan out your social media posts at least 2 weeks in advance, so you aren’t making decisions on the fly.
  2. Mention Tracking: There’s no need to waste time digging through search results looking for mentions of your brand. Why? Because Google Alerts is free and effortless to set up. Pro tip: Start using Google Alerts.
  3. Ad Retargeting: We already know you’re using a Facebook pixel on your website 😉, so why not give folks an extra nudge to convert? Pro tip: Set up some retargeting ads to folks who are engaging with your site.

Dive in deeper to some automation tactics right here.

Save More Time

Today’s tool comes in the form of an actual human being. Cool, right?

Here’s a real-world example. You just signed up for an automation tool for your Instagram posts. Now you have to learn the software, choose your content, schedule your content, rinse and repeat.

What if you could have a qualified person do that for you…and on the cheap? Enter GenM.

GenM gives you access to a talented and trained pool of apprentices that are hungry for real-world experiences. It’s only $49 bucks a month and your apprentice can start in a matter of days.

Because you’re a Daily Carnage reader (aka awesome), the folks at GenM are offering $25 bucks off. Take advantage now and give it a try.

Protect Your Children

In light of recent measles outbreaks, UNICEF is launching a new global ad campaign (#VaccinesWork) to encourage parents to vaccinate their children. Check out their first ad spot below.

Ads from the Past

Summer Staples. Milton Bradley. 1978.


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