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Anti-Valentine’s Day campaigns FTW.

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Love to Hate: 2024 Anti-Valentine’s Day Campaigns

We’re in a “pandemic of loneliness,” according to the Surgeon General, so our collective patience for St. Valentine might be at an all-time low. Still, consumers are expected to spend 25.8 billion on the holiday this year, and more and more brands are inviting the haters to the party with anti-Valentine’s Day campaigns.

  • Classic candy-maker Sweethearts pretty much owns V-day, but they made a little treat for the rest of us. The “Situationships” conversation candies feature illegible messages “as blurry as your relationship.” They sold out.
  • Don’t delete your break-up text just yet. You can turn it in to P.F. Chang’s for a free six-pack of dumplings all the way through National Break Up Day (Feb 21). You were already going to DoorDash those for good money. Nice.
  • Shove it! Sustainable toilet-paper brand Who Gives A Crap is back again with Flush Your Ex. You can send in your crappy love letters to their production facilities to be recycled into literal TP.
  • Don’t ghost when everything is falling apart. Just say it with a box of Insomnia Cookies. They’ll send your new ex a dozen classic cookies of your choice, along with a break-up note handwritten on the inside of the box. Or you can order a Goodbye Pie from Pizza Hut using their Excuse Generator.
  • Feeling wild? A ton of zoos, animal shelters, and charities have really embraced the contrarian spirit. You can name your ex after a rat, a roach, or a vegetable; plaster their name on a litter box for a good cause; christen a mealworm after them; or name a soon-to-be neutered cat after them.

If you’re celebrating alone, take heart—we all kind of have the same X this year, thanks to Elon Musk. Love ya.

Q for You

Only 1 in 5 brands executed a Valentine’s Day-related marketing campaign in 2023. Did your team launch one this year?


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Biting Back

BarkBox is known for pushing the envelope.

This cheeky “Give and Receive” campaign for Valentine’s Day, which rewarded referrals with $69 in store credit, was a perfect setup for a non-apology email. (To make it right, BarkBox will give you a benign $70 in store credit instead.)

We’d love to see their open rates.

Thanks to Barb from The Daily Carnage Facebook group for sharing!

On Saturday we sent an email (see below) to our subscribers encouraging them to "$69 with a friend." To us, it was a simple way to simultaneously give and receive: if they refer a pal to BARK, they both get $69 of BarkShop credit. We have since learned the email, particularly the $69, offended some, and for that, we apologize. BARk GIVEN RECEIVE AT THE SAME TIME ARKSHO, CRED,, $69, This Valentine's Day, everyone should get to enjoy 69.. dollars of BarkShop credit. Refer a pal to BARK and you'll both get $69 to splurge on BarkShop. CLAIM OFFER In order to remedy this, we are rounding up from $69 to a completely inoffensive $70 of BarkShop credit, and making this available to prospective customers like you. Of course, if you prefer $69, we will not stop you - or judge you! No matter the amount, you deserve to spoil your dog with our shop's best-selling toys, gifts, home essentials, and more.

Ads from the Past

Happiness is a long distance call on Valentine's Day

UTS, 1976


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