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Killer CTAs and how to write them.

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How to Write Killer CTAs

CTAs have 3 elements:

  1. Headline: Get your prospects’ attention and create interest.
  2. Subheading or lead copy: Provide additional detail to turn interest into desire.
  3. Button: Offer a clear and desirable action to take.

Killer CTAs are:

  • Clear. No one will take your desired action if your offer isn’t explicitly clear.
  • Specific. Don’t obscure the benefits of your offer or your desired action with abstract or vague language, and don’t be generic, or people will find something better somewhere else. Avoid cliches.
  • Compelling. Bolster your CTA with appealing design and UX to make a frictionless buying environment. Create a sense of urgency with limited-time deals, and de-risk your offer with social proof and free trials. Loss aversion can be an effective motivator.

Check out Marketing Examined for examples of killer CTAs in… action.


Q for You

President Biden posted a reference to a “Dark Brandon” meme about Dems rigging the Super Bowl. Regardless of your politics, how do you feel about the “unhinged intern” persona when applied by government accounts?

A screenshot of BIden's tweet "Just like we drew it up." A portrait of the president with glowing red eyes.

Google Annotations for Email Marketing

If your Gmail open rates are dismal, there’s a way to stand out in the Promotions tab that you might not know about.

Google Annotations lets you use markup to add elements—like discounts, expiration dates, carousel images, and more—to your marketing emails. These enhanced, clickable elements appear under your preheader text and can encourage users to open your email.

You’ll need to get approved by Google to begin using Annotations, but it’s worth it—this feature is still underutilized, giving you an opportunity to stand out in a crowded inbox.


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