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Tips for Reddit Campaign Creative

Last month, we dug into the 9 Reddit ad formats you should be testing. Now, let’s take a look at some tips from Reddit itself to optimize your copy and assets for this unique audience:

  1. Communicate your vision and value proposition. Get straight to the point with messaging that highlights your offer. Use an image that adds value, or simply stick with text. Remove emojis and go for a strong call-to-action with a promo code.
  2. Keep it conversational. The (ideal) Reddit tone is honest, direct, and friendly. Brand messaging should feel like recommendations and advice from a knowledgeable friend.
  3. Throw in some humor or cultural references. This is what earns you figurative and literal points on Reddit. Open with a brand self-aware joke in your headline or acknowledge a trending topic that would resonate with your audience.
  4. Reddit like a Redditor. While you’re here, make yourself at home. Nod and wink to subreddits and even specific users. Redditors love recognition and 69% respect when brands attempt to participate on the platform.
  5. Experiment with headline length. Redditors will tolerate a lengthier headline more than users on other platforms. Avoid writing in title case, include your brand name, and steer clear of emoijs. Your corresponding creative assets should be engaging and not overly corporate.

For more tips—and examples of how to turn your Meta ads into Reddit-ready ads—visit Reddit for Business.

Q for You

Do you use marketing mix modeling (MMM) as a part of your strategy?

Detail Duo (iOS)

Experimenting with video? Detail Duo lets you record multi-camera video from the front and back lenses of your iPhone, so you can tell a story from every angle and increase engagement and interest in your content.

PetSmart Dana Carvey

Dog Save The King

Dana Carvey reprises his role from SNL days as King Charles III to make a simple appeal on behalf of PetSmart: don’t go out and purchase a King Charles Spaniel to celebrate the coronation, please. Instead, adopt a mutt. Delightfully, there’s an f-bomb in this royal spot.

Ads from the Past

Basset Furniture Industries, 1959

Basset Furniture Industries, 1959


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