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21 influencers share top tips for 2021 digital marketing

A Magic 8-ball will work in a pinch when you’re deciding on whether or not to watch another episode of the Netflix show you’re binging. However, it won’t tell you what to expect in the world of digital marketing in 2021. Luckily, PR Daily wrangled 21 influencers’ top tips on the subject.

  • Reinvest in getting to know your audiences. 2020 changed the way people interact with content and brands. While some of the changes are likely to stick, some are likely to revert to what we knew pre-pandemic. Reevaluate your messaging, content, and distribution channels so you don’t lose your audience during the gradual shift back to normalcy.
  • Audit all your digital channels. In a new year, you might have ambitions to implement new systems and processes, but it’s important to assess what you already have in place. An independent audit can tell you many things you don’t know about what you’re currently doing. This will improve the effectiveness of what you have in place so you can make a better decision on taking on something new.
  • Be especially sensitive to racial and other bias in marketing and PR introduced by AI algorithms. Social media networks often express bias in the way they bunch users into groups. As a marketer, it’s important to keep this in mind since backlash to these AI techniques may be on the horizon.
  • Align your values with your value. Make sure you’re always true to your brand and don’t attempt to be something you’re not. After such a crazy year, customers will appreciate a consistent brand they can easily understand and even align with.

Read on for 17 more tips.


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How many of y’all have pets? They’re such great companions for us, but they don’t always get along with each other. Especially when it comes to the ancient feud of cats vs. dogs. They don’t always disagree with each other, but it’s no secret that many of them don’t see eye to eye.

Waggel delivers this ad with an unsuspecting dog playing the victim of a psycho cat. And when we say psycho, we mean straight out the classic Hitchcock thriller. Hopefully, these pet owners have their birds in cages…

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1920, Black Cat

“Mediocre marketers think in terms of campaigns. Great marketers think in terms of growth frameworks.”

Neil Patel


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