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B-Ad of the Week?

The best content of the week plus a fun little bonus inside.

Be in the Know

  • Dear Apple, you want the good or the bad news first? Your stock dropped 38% in the last 90 days, but folks went ham in your app store over the holidays spending over $1.2B. Ya, that’s ‘B’ for billion.
  • “Alexa, pour me a coffee.” Ok, Alexa’s not quite there yet, but your favorite voice-bot is getting smarter. Alexa doubled in skills to 56k to end the year. See Alexa’s top skills for 2018 here.
  • Hungry? Text your neighborhood robot. Seriously y’all, it’s coming. Cruise is partnering with Door Dash to pilot food and grocery delivery in San Francisco using self-driving vehicles.

Post of the Week

It was a short week for us, so we’re gonna stick with the top 3 links clicked this week.

  1. A Year in Search: Google’s Highlight Reel (via YouTube)
  2. How to Optimize Your Content for Questions (from Moz)
  3. Zuck’s Heartfelt Facebook Post (from Zuck)

Here's to You Happy Hour

Happy Hour is never a bad idea…until it is. Here’s what we’re stirring up at the office at approximately 4:59pm today:

Apple Cinnamon Mules for everyone.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Vodka
  • Ginger Beer
  • Lime Juice
  • Apple Cider (the secret ingredient)

Garnish that bad boy off with an apple and cinnamon stick and you’re in business. See ya at 4:59!


B "ad" of the Week

We’re putting a little spin on “ads from the past” every Friday. From here on out, we’ll be featuring ads that likely had the best of intentions, but missed the mark.

Whatever you do this weekend, do not take a sheet in the pool.


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