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Holiday email strategies, an ad that’s too real, PLUS a freebie for the freelancers.

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Your Little Black Book for Black Friday Email Strategies

It’s not too late to jump on your holiday campaigns…but like…you better get on that. Here are some little-known strategies to look out for this season and possibly use yourself:

  1. Build Your Black Friday Email List. Keep your email lists growing by incentivizing new signups with additional discounts, free shipping, or a gift, depending on your budget.
  2. Schedule Your Pop-ups. Shoppers have too many options and little patience. If you’re using pop-ups, make sure sure they count by only conveying your most important messages at the right time in a user’s browsing.
  3. Experiment with Timing. There are a million other distractors launching BF campaigns. Act early, act late, or go completely rogue with timing.
  4. Make Your Sale Memorable. We’re not talking about an eye-catching ad or clever subject line. We’re saying to literally make it as easy as possible for customers to remember a sale or event with calendar invites, reminders, SMS opt-in, etc.
  5. Use the Element of Surprise. Don’t leave it all in the subject line. Tease them to receive a discount found in the content.
  6. Offer More Benefits. It’s not all about discounts, people. This is your chance to see how beefy your rewards program is to offer more value. If not, maybe it’s time to get one.
  7. Make Your Subject Line Stand Out. Find ways of sticking out of a sea of “Black Friday Deal” subject lines. AND even if you’re not running a Black Friday sale, you can still capitalize on Black Friday attention.
  8. Redefine Black Friday for Your Brand. How can you make it a holiday that your brand was born to celebrate?
  9. Tease Your Next Campaign. Like we said, it’s not too late to act on these strategies. But maybe you’re better off teasing your next big move.

Check out all the details and a whole lot of visuals from Drips blog post.

Q for You

How is your 2023 planning going?

Are You Ready for the Tax Man?

Do you dread having to file your taxes as a freelancer? 🙋

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Filing season always comes quicker than you think. Are you ready to get your taxes sorted? Grab AppSumo’s (early) Black Friday FlyFin deal below (and get a 1-year subscription FOR FREE!).


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It’s holiday season year-round if you have something great to share with the Carnies!

We’re always looking for helpful reports, tools or products that’ll make work easier and more efficient for the marketers, designers and creatives who read The Daily Carnage on the reg.

Let us know what you’ve got — and if you want to offer a special to our followers.

So a Marketer Walks Into a Dinner Party…

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before – or if we’re giving pre-Thanksgiving heart palpitations when you inevitably try and explain what you do for work, again. Sorry, we aren’t all doctors like your cousin Mark.

Zulu Alpha Kilo is a creative agency in Canada that released a parody that hits us close to home. It is way too relatable for most of us, but does raise the question for award chasers…Is your work made for people, or for case studies?

Watch it and get back to us. Have you ever felt so seen, and yet so roasted, in your life?

Ads from the Past

1945, Bombi


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