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3 Ways to Regain Scheduling Control

Fun fact: Studies show that the average professional spends almost five hours per week scheduling meetings. 😱

That’s nearly 20 hours per month.

That’s a lot of time! And we all know that time is money.

So, today we’re recommending a few ways to minimize your time spent scheduling and regain control of your calendar.

The Do-It-Now scheduling method is exactly like it sounds. You schedule everything in real-time, at the very moment of request. Not only will this save you a ton of time, it’ll make things significantly easier for you.

You’re probably thinking, wait a second, there are too many moving parts with scheduling, like multiple calendars, emails, timeframes, etc.

We would’ve agreed with you a few years ago, but, today, thanks to smarter productivity tools, there are new ways to schedule that remove these barriers to real-time scheduling.

  1. Use your phone to schedule: We’re guessing most of you aren’t literally attaching your phone to your hip (sorry Dad), but there’s a good chance it’s always within reach. To reduce time spent scheduling, download a mobile scheduling app. *Hint: check out the tools section below. 👇🏽
  2. Share your free and busy times: A big deterrent to real-time scheduling is the inability to know when someone is available. This problem is what creates those endless rounds of scheduling emails. Stop the guessing game by using a calendar link tool so folks can see when you’re busy or free.
  3. Text it: The average person sends almost 95 texts per day. When it comes to real-time scheduling, the ability to set-up a meeting without leaving your text thread is paramount.

Better Scheduling

Now that you’re ready to reduce your time spent scheduling, we have a killer tool for you to try.

It’s called Woven; the intelligent calendar for busy professionals.

We’ve been trying it out the last few weeks and are big fans!

Here’s what we like:

  • It’s available for desktop (Mac and Windows) and mobile (iOS).
  • You can literally do everything right from your phone.
  • It syncs with Google and G Suite.
  • The smart templates feature is 🔥
  • Major time savings
  • It’s 100% FREE

Give it a try!

Ed Sheeran Loves Ketchup

What do fancy restaurants and ketchup have in common?

Not a lot.

Ed Sheeran begs to differ though. Based on his own idea, Ed Sheeran reached out to Heinz with the following…

You gotta watch the video to find out.

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