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Using beacon technology for retail & a lemon of a year.

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Do you use beacon technology for proximity marketing?

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How to Use Beacon Data With Paid Search and Social Campaigns

Remember having so much fun playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey? Well, now it’s Pin the Revenue on the Paid Search Ad. And it’s often complete with headaches even without spinning around blindfolded. Online, it’s much simpler. Offline, it might be tempting to hire a PI (please don’t) to see if someone actually converts in-store. Thankfully, there’s a much better way.

Beacon technology allows you to connect your online marketing efforts with offline actions and conversions. It’s the missing piece of the puzzle for marketers with both online and brick and mortar stores. Today, Neil Patel is breaking down how to use beacon data with paid search and social campaigns.

How does it work? If someone clicks your Google Ad then visits your brick and mortar store, beacon technology uses Bluetooth to communicate with the customer’s phone and tie them to the ad they had clicked previously. It’s all about proximity, and proximity marketing has proven to be extremely effective. Here’s how you can get started:

  • Choose a Device and Platform. You may need multiple beacons depending on your goals and store size, but start with one you like and stay within whichever platform you choose. Furthermore, you’ll need to tell your customers to download your app for the beacon to work. If you don’t have your own app, then 3rd party apps like Nearbee and Physical Web will work just fine.
  • Define Your Use Beacon Cases. It’s good to be pointed in your approach so you can measure tangible goals. Set up beacons to send coupons to those who have interacted with your ads. Or measure the effectiveness of cross-sell ads for people who just purchased at your store.
  • Design Your Beacon Actions. You can trigger a beacon to activate when people are outside your store, in your store, and even right next to the beacon. Try incentivizing people to come into your store by sending a coupon when they walk by.

Check out some examples and top beacon brands!


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Last Year’s Lemons

2020 isn’t allowed to throw us any more curveballs. We hope 2021 is much kinder, but if you want to absolutely roast the first year of this decade, then rest assured knowing it can’t clap back at you. (Barring any possible sci-fi time loops of course.)

Bud Light released this Super Bowl spot encouraging us to see the silver lining in that lemon of a year. While we don’t remember the barrage of lemons hailing from the sky, it still wouldn’t have been the worst thing to occur.

Ads from the Past

1919, Rexall

Clearly he doesn’t drink orange juice.

“You have to understand as a marketer that consumers are functioning in the age of efficiency.”

Mitch Joel


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