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Catching Up

Hitting a wall with GA4… and Heinz.

Be in The Know

The GA4 User Experience Survey

Google has been replacing Universal Analytics with Google Analytics 4 since July 1, 2023.

So, how is it going for you? Take 3 minutes to tell us about what you love, what you hate, your FAQs, and everything on your wishlist.

A hand on a data sheet with graphic embellishments

Your feedback will inform our upcoming webinar, GA4 Like a Pro: Build Confidence in The New Age of Analytics on September 20 at 1 p.m. EST with Steve Lamar, founder of Really Good Data.

Smash or Pass

What do you think of branded interior paint colors like the Heinz x Lick “RED HTK 57” ?

Heinz's partnership with Lick; the brand's iconic red ketchup color appears on an interior wall


PlainScribe is your ally if you’re looking to quickly transcribe (and search) your video and audio files, generate translations in over 50 languages, and synthesize the key points of your media with a summary of every 15-minute segment. Plus, its pay-as-you-go model and capacity for large files make it flexible for whatever you’re working on.

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Andrés Cantor elongates the word Zoom into a microphone


Zoom is dropping a host of upgrades to its suite of tools, like Team Chat, Zoom Phone, and AI Companion. Here, sportcaster Andrés Cantor—known for elongating the word “goal”—helps to rename the brand in order to capture its expansion.

Ads from the Past

Apple, 1980

Apple, 1980


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