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Connect GA4 to Google Sheets.

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Connect GA4 to Google Sheets

Did you know GA4 has an official (and free) add-on that allows you to transfer data from GA4 to Google Sheets? The GA4 Reports Builder extension lets you customize, collaborate, and visualize your data in a whole new way. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Install the add-on. Open your Google Sheets document, select Extensions > Add-Ons > Get add-ons, then search for and install “GA4 Reports Builder for Google Analytics.” Make sure to authorize access to Google Analytics.
  2. Configure the report. From the Google Sheets menu, select Extensions > “GA4 Reports Builder for Google Analytics” > Create New Report. Here, you’ll name the report; choose your GA4 account and property; and define the date range, metrics, and dimensions you want.
  3. Run the report. Finally, select Extensions > “GA4 Reports Builder for Google Analytics” > Run Report. Your imported data will populate into a new tab. Now, you can experiment with visualization options, like charts, graphs, and pivot tables.

Check out Loves Data for more info on this handy trick.

Smash or Pass

It’s a TikTok trend, for some reason. Are you poppin’ the Pringles x Caviar Co. collab?

A small can of Pringles beside a branded Caviar Co. box and a chip with caviar on it


If you’re a manager or a content creator or simply a student of life, you might like the NotesNudge app. It connects to your note-taking apps and serves you an excerpt of your own writing every day via a delivery method of your choosing. It’s like a quote-a-day, except instead of sayings from old poets, you get a “fresh conversation with your past self.” It’s pretty cool to see how old insights transform with new context.

Corn Kid wears a dinosaur costume and holds up a Dino Veggie Tot

A Beautiful Thing

It’s not corn! But it’s Corn Kid of the viral video fame, back to support Green Giant’s first national ad campaign in 7 years. Not gonna lie, those Dino Veggie Tots are looking pretty good.

Ads from the Past

IBM, 1970

IBM, 1970


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