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Users spend roughly _____ minutes on Twitter per session.

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What We Learned

Monday: G2 shared some cross-promotion strategies for your next marketing campaign. A few of these are:

  • Run a co-branded contest (and boost it with paid media).
  • Get booked as a guest on top-rated podcasts.
  • Endorse influencers on your blog.

Tuesday: Nonprofit Marketing Guide gave us some ideas on refreshing and relevant marketing. Convey your opinions in your content where it makes sense, use humor, and do something other nonprofits don’t (even if they should).

Wednesday: Moz covered 5 steps to earn press coverage for your brand. They are:

  1. Ideation
  2. Producing a content marketing campaign
  3. Design and copywriting
  4. Media outreach
  5. Reporting on success

Thursday: CoSchedule listed 28 marketing certifications that will take your career to the next level. Among them are Digital Marketing Institute, Google Digital Garage: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Facebook Blueprint Certification, and Cornell Digital Marketing Certification Program.

Join the Conversation

Ashley asked, “What do you value most in the workplace?”

Alyson wants to know, “Does anyone know of a tool that could search through our website and notify us of images that we don’t have the right to use?”

Nick posted, “…what really felt like your ‘big break?’ Was it a ‘gotcha moment’ that you felt immediately or was it something you looked back on years later and saw?”

Julie wrote, “Our bounce rate is ridiculously high and I’d LOVE your best advice on lowering it to being within normal range.”

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Peach Nectar Ginger Beer


  • 1.5 oz peach vodka
  • 3.5 oz ginger beer
  • 3 slices peaches
  • 1/2 cup crushed ice


  1. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice.
  2. Add the peach vodka and ginger beer.
  3. Shake well. Strain into an ice-filled glass.
  4. Add 2 to 3 slices of peaches. Top of with mint leaves.

Recipe from Lizzy Loves Food

Ads from the Past

1966, Miracle Whip

Users spend roughly _____ minutes on Twitter per session.



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