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Cold Calling 🥶

How to warm ’em up.

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👽 Gen Z doesn’t actually care if influencers or human or not.

👵 You might need a night cream if you can pass the McSweeney’s Millennial CAPTCHA.

🍺 Budweiser turned songs that mention the brand into targeted ads on Spotify.

💡 YouTube Studio users can now get AI-generated inspo for content creation.

🐎 The Kentucky Derby is gaining ground with Gen Z.

AI Prompt: A mint julep and a smart phone on a table.

How to Write A Cold Email

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Here’s how to write cold emails that people open:

  1. Know your audience. Verify that your contact is a legitimate lead, and assess their online presence to find opportunities for personalization.
  2. Know what sets you apart. What are your value propositions, which offer specific solutions to bad alternatives? These will constitute the subtext of your message.
  3. Know what good cold-email writing is. It’s concise, personal, personable, focused, authentic, original, and clear.
  4. Choose your sender. Opt for a name in your sender field instead of a company, like “Rob from The Daily Carnage.”
  5. Land the subject line. In 60 characters or less, write a relevant, self-evident subject line. Your open rate will tell you if it’s working.
  6. Hook the reader. Ask a question, address a pain point, demonstrate value, throw in some personalized flattery, or mention a mutual connection to kick things off.
  7. Make a great first impression with a five-minute favor. Write a review of the contact’s book or podcast, donate to a cause they support, or share their work with your audience to break the ice.
  8. Warm up your outreach in your email body. In a few sentences, describe the benefits you’re offering. How will your product or service improve their life? You’re starting a conversation, not selling.
  9. Include one low-friction CTA. Just one, offered without risk or commitment. Make it natural and organic, not a high-contrast button. Keep proposed chats short (15 minutes), and include a calendar link for ease.

Read the full guide at Demand Curve.

Q for You

Do you use data-enrichment tools to optimize your cold calling strategy?


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We interrupt your regularly scheduled SaaS parade for a morose (but pragmatic) tool recommendation.

WeExpire is an open source tool that lets you write an encrypted emergency message that will only be revealed, by QR code, to your most trusted contacts following any unfortunate circumstances that may befall you.

It’s not as complicated as a will, but it’s not as precarious as a note written on a napkin that you’re using as a bookmark, you know? O, to live and die in the 21st century!


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Liquid Death Pure Sugar Campaign

Pure Sugar

To promote its low-sugar, flavored sparkling water, Liquid Death is coming for the throats of Big Soda for decades of misleading messaging. You know the story: we’re supposed to believe that the world’s most beautiful models and elite athletes drink 3x their daily sugar intake on the reg. Why is this trope still prevailing, anyway?

Ads from the Past

Land Rover, 1998

Land Rover, 1998


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