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Navigating copyrights on YouTube and back-to-back video calls.

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Have you ever received a copyright violation on YouTube?

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How to Tackle YouTube Copyright Issues

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. That sounds great and all, but there has to be a limit. I mean, take identity theft for instance. It takes some serious mental gymnastics to conflate identity theft with flattery. Take the difference between “I stole your SSN,” vs “I love your hairstyle!” Imitation clearly isn’t the sincerest form of flattery in this case.

Of course, that’s a simple example. Things get trickier when someone wants to use their favorite song in a video. It’s not malicious – they just love the song. But the creator has every right to have the content removed. To break it down further, Agorapulse is talking about how to tackle YouTube copyright issues.

What Does Copyright Automatically Protect?

Any original content you publish belongs to you. If someone uses your content without permission, Google can remove it if they don’t respond to your request to take it down.

How to File a Copyright Claim as a Creator

If you find someone has re-uploaded some of your content, you can click on the “Copyright” section of YouTube Studio and quickly submit a copyright claim to have the content removed. Google is fairly proactive with these claims, but best to remain patient.

How to Protect Your Content Proactively

If you have a ton of content on YouTube and people are constantly re-uploading your work, you can submit your content for protection under YouTube’s Content ID tool. This will allow YouTube to scan through your videos and flag uploads that feature your content.

How to Tackle Copyright Claims Against You on YouTube

Typically, when your content is flagged you’ll get some options to rectify the issue. You can trim out the section under question or replace the audio in that section if it’s a music rights issue. If you feel you were flagged in error or perhaps YouTube doesn’t know you have the rights to a particular song, you can make your case for approval.

Read on for tips on avoiding copyright claims.

YouTube Audio Library

Nobody likes being in a sticky situation unless the sticky situation involves waffles and Sunday brunch. But best to steer clear of anything that results in some of your content getting removed due to legal issues. This is why YouTube Audio Library is a lifesaver.

YouTube Audio Library features a vast catalog of music you can include in all your videos without worrying about infringing on anyone’s copyright. You can filter by genre, mood, duration, or even browse a catalog of sound effects.

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Zoom meetings are just too dang easy to set up. It’s exactly why it’s not uncommon to open up your calendar in the morning and see your back-to-back-to-back meetings taking up a large portion of your day. Hopefully you’ve managed to set some limits by now.

Kellogg’s brings us this ad with a father who is facing some serious Zoom fatigue. He rejoices when his toddler pulls the plug on the router and disconnects his meeting; a brief moment of peace during which he can indulge in some corn flakes from the breakfast box.

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1978, Borden

“Active participation on LinkedIn is the best way to say ‘Look at me!’ without saying ‘Look at me!’”

Bobby Darnell

Correction regarding last Friday’s newsletter: A reader emailed us to shed light on the wording of the trivia question, “Who was the first African American Nobel Peace Prize winner?”

While the wording of the question aligns with the correct answer, we feel that it incorrectly implies that each of the choices is African American. We should have caught it when we found the question, but we appreciate the response pointing it out. We try to do our best and your input only allows us to do better.


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