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Data Drill Sergeant

Time to send your social media data to boot camp and whip it into shape.

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The Best of 2017 (So Far)

Who doesn’t love a good “Best Of” list? There’s a reason Now That’s What I Call Music! is still pumping out albums (what number are they up to now?).

Today’s Listen is a “Best Of the Year” from Building a Story Brand. In this episode, they recap the best marketing and branding lessons that they’ve covered throughout the year.

Some of the things you’ll hear about:

  1. Get Tough with Competitive Negotiators. Negotiating is an essential skill for anyone, especially marketers. We’re always trying to get the best bang for our buck, and negotiating is a great way to do that.
  2. Sell Your Customers a Better Version of Themselves. This is the best lesson in our opinion. It’s a great way to think about how you’re positioning your brand.
  3. Filter Good Opportunities Through a Long-Term Vision. Most people view opportunities as if we live in a vacuum. Rather than immediately saying “yes”, consider the long-term consequences of the decision. Even if you think you do this, it’s very possible that you don’t.
  4. Incorporate “White Space” at Work So You Can Practice It at Home. This one is a great way to boost creativity and productivity at work. The idea is that you need to take a few minutes to think strategically throughout your day.

This episode is jam-packed with killer advice and it’s only 40-minutes long. Give it a listen while you’re driving home tonight?

Extract Powerful Data from Your Social Media

Raise your hand if you love a good spreadsheet with rows and rows of data… ::quietly raises hand::

Good news for all you data lovers (and haters) out there, we’re whipping your social media data into shape today. It’s like boot camp…for your data.

First, you gotta start with a spreadsheet (CoSchedule has a great template). With your spreadsheet ready, go to each of your social media pages and look at your post insights. Drop all of that data into your spreadsheet.

Now you’ve gotta figure out what caused each post to get that organic reach. Start by asking questions. A few examples:

  • Do posts with a positive/negative tone get more reach?
  • Did we use questions in the posts?
  • What about emojis? Did those affect the post?
  • What time did the posts go out?
  • What type of post did we use? (Link, image, video, etc)
  • What colors did we use?

Once you’ve boiled down all that data, you can figure out what types of posts resonated the best with your audience. Maybe all of those hashtags you’re using actually decreased your reach for some reason (we’ve seen that exact thing happen with Facebook).

Anyway, download the template and get moving.

Life Doesn’t Wait for You to Find Parking

Smart cars are small cars, especially the Smart ForTwo. Living in the city, we sometimes wish we had one when driving around searching for a parking spot.

Smart’s newest ad campaign is a witty play on how small the car is. It’s only 2.69 meters (that’s 8.8 feet in American), and that size is great for quickly finding a parking spot. In the campaign, BBDO uses the Smart ForTwo as a punctuation mark to completely change the meaning of a sentence. Small cars and punctuation, it’s every city-living copywriter’s dream.

We know, that sounds confusing. You just gotta watch this one.

“Leadership is not a journey to rise in the ranks. Leadership is a journey to help those around us rise.”
Simon Sinek

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