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Leaping to Conclusions

Instagram captions, CTAs, and more.

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Instagram’s Most Engaging Format, Caption, and CTA

Socialinsider’s recent study found a winning combo when it comes to Instagram engagement.

A carousel + a short caption of 30 words or less = the highest engagement rates (0.84% average).

The data shows that, indeed, as caption length increased, engagement potential lowered.

Socialinsider also investigated the engagement associated with popular CTAs. Here’s the breakdown:

  • “Read more” (0.58%)
  • “Let us know in the comments” (0.51%)
  • “Like if you…” (0.48%)
  • “Check the link in bio” (0.48%)
  • “Available now” (0.32%)

Get a closer look on the Socialinsider Blog.

Q for You

On your brand account(s), do you utilize Instagram's 5 available "bio" links, or do you use a link aggregator, like Linktree?


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Digital model Imma and Lil Nas X stand on a pink pastel chess board in a virtual urban setting

We’re All Real Here

Coach’s “Find Your Courage” campaign has kicked off with digital model Imma (not real) and rapper Lil Nas X (real) as they travel through a dreamy virtual world with impeccable drip. You’ve never played a chess game like this.

We’re super curious to see how Coach’s evocative pairing of real and imagined influencers will resonate with audiences.

Ads from the Past

Holeproof Walk Sox, 1970s

Holeproof Walk Sox, 1970s


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