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Do You Even Care?

No, that’s not a cry for help. Just a real question.

How to Make People Care About Your Content: Find the Right Angle

Let’s be brutally honest for a second. Do people actually care about your content? Or does it look and sound exactly like all of your competitors?

If you answered, “No” and “Yup,” then you’ve got a problem. But like all problems, there’s a solution. Okay, there’s like a million solutions to this one, but we’re going with just one today.

It’s all about finding the right angle for your content. Angles don’t just decide if someone is going to click on your blog post, they also decide what someone is going to remember about your blog post.

Let’s look at the angels angles Wistia CEO, Chris Savage, takes with his content. Here are a few titles:

  • When Your Competition Accelerates, Have the Courage to Go Slow
  • Thinking is Work. Give Yourself Time to Do It
  • Being Busy Doesn’t Mean You’re Successful
  • Great Leaders Say “I Don’t Know”

You can see just from the titles that he takes straightforward sounding startup values and looks at them through a different lens.

Those are just a few examples, you can find a billion others. The big takeaway to remember here is that Chris is well known just for his content.

Interested in going down this path? It’s easier than you’d think.

Get your team together and start putting together a list of 20-30 truisms about your industry. For example, here are a few truisms you could use if you were writing about startups:

  • You should do tons of user research before you start working on your product
  • Startups are more productive than large, enterprise organizations
  • You should never really think about your competitors
  • Raise money as quickly as you possibly can and get back to work

From there, look at each truism and think about whether you have any reason to believe the opposite. If you picked your truisms well, you’re not going to have much to say about most of your list. That’s a good thing.

By the end of it, you should have 2 or 3 blog post ideas.

We really flew through this one, smash the button below for the full scoop.

How to Expand Your Reach with Earned Media Content

Sitting poolside is better than sitting at your office desk. Hot coffee is better than cold coffee unless it’s 2 pm and over 90 degrees outside. And give us 10 solid, committed leads over 100 loosey goosey leads any day. We can keep going but we think you’re catchin’ our drift.

Okay, okay. One more. You know what’s better than paid media? Earned media.

Let’s pause for a second to define earned media. According to Wikipedia, “Earned Media is activity related to a company or brand that is not directly generated by the company, but rather by other entities such as customers or journalists.”

So, we gotta ask, what’s your earned media strategy? Do you have one or are you just putting all your cards in paid and owned media?

More often than not, paid media is easier to report ROI, which is why we push that effort. But on the other hand, earned media can provide a significantly higher reach that can turn into more valuable leads.

Fact! BuzzSumo found, “earned social media drives 3.8x more traffic than owned social, or content released by brands.”

Those numbers are too good to ignore so asked the good folks over at OnePitch to teach us how to expand our reach with earned media. Here’s what they had to say:

The lines between earned media (or public relations) and marketing are continuing to blur, nearly anyone with a solid understanding of a brand’s identity and messaging can begin to take on tasks that would traditionally be known as public relations.

When “pitching” to journalists and industry experts, don’t just pitch. Tell your brand’s story. OnePitch makes it really easy to do this with their free tool. You should also be using Google Alerts to keep tabs on media you’ve earned, your competitors’ media attention, and keywords specific to your industry.

But, wait! What about ROI?

Endless arguments can be made for the metrics that are most important for a company to track. But, to get you started consider measuring overall brand sentiment via social listening, development of new media relationships, and number of impressions received. Tools like AirPR can help with this.

TONS more to learn here…

Eyes Wide Shut

Close your eyes before reading the rest of this.

Closed? Okay, good. Wait…hold up…that doesn’t work for something you’re supposed to read.

It definitely does work for something you’re supposed to listen to. That’s what the drink brand, Vimto is hoping for at least. They’re instructing people to close their eyes before watching and listening to their newest TV ads in the UK.

But what if you don’t close your eyes and choose to watch the ad anyway? Well, you’ll be treated to all sorts of quirky things happening on your screen. You’ll see a woman moonwalking through a grocery store, a man with a dog in a cellophane-wrapped chair, and so many other internet-friendly scenes.

The ad is aimed at people who break the rules. If you listen to the narrator and close your eyes, you’d never know what the ad is for. If you watch it, you’ll understand it all.

“Our job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, more able to get where they’d like to go.”
Seth Godin

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