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Don’t Reinvent The Reel

Repurposing on Pinterest.

Be in The Know

Boost Your Traffic 20x With Pinterest

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Pinterest is a powerful channel that can drive major organic traffic to your site with little additional investment in content creation.

Instead of churning out content for pins, think of Pinterest as the ultimate channel for repurposing what you’ve already built to drive web traffic.

Here’s how:

  1. Don’t reinvent the Reel. Repurpose older social media posts, blog content, freebies, and even emails to create pines that drive traffic to new offers on your site.
  2. Use keywords to expand reach. Type your keywords into Pinterest’s search bar and take note of terms and phrases that auto-populate to inform your keyword strategy and reach more users.
  3. Let your pins do the heavy lifting. Challenge yourself to create 10 pins that point to a single piece of content and split-test different promotional assets without risk. Use Canva templates to streamline the process.

Check out the HubSpot blog for more.

Smash or Pass

Impossible Foods is hoping for broad appeal after a radical (and red!) brand refresh.

Impossible Foods Rebrand


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Some of us are still furiously tapping away on a calculator (app) with a pencil between our teeth.

And some of us use Numbr, which is a smart calculator combined with a notepad that understands a ton of intuitive expressions. It can even convert currencies.

World Down Syndrome Day Campaign

Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

The National Coordination of Associations of People with Down Syndrome launched an international campaign to mark March 21, World Down Syndrome Day. This video spot reminds us that negative and inaccurate perceptions about human ability have the power to affect and alter reality. Instead, “Assume That I Can.”

Ads from the Past

Vanish, 1959

Vanish, 1959


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