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25+ proven lead generation ideas. Plus, how to be a good copywriter if you suck at writing.

How to Learn Copywriting When You Suck at Writing

Spoiler alert: copywriting and writing don’t go hand in hand. ::record scratch:: What?

It’s true! Copywriters can suck at writing and writers can suck at copywriting. 

Not gonna lie, we don’t always use the best grammar. And, sometimes, we leave out an entire word from a sentence by accident. (Okay fine, Mark, that’s just me—sometimes my fingers work faster than my brain, okay?!) That’s where editors come in. 

You don’t have to be an expert writer with precision grammar to be an awesome copywriter—to successfully compel people to take action. Today’s Listen offers ways you can start flexing your copywriting muscles by focusing on overcoming objections and solving problems. Plus, some killer books, tools, and other helpful resources to get you started. All in just 5 minutes. #Winning

  • (01:00) Persuasion by Robert Cialdini and The Boron Letters by Gary Halbert are great go-to books for copywriting
  • (02:25) What it means to answer your customer’s objection and how surveys can help
  • (02:50) Find out why people aren’t converting and answer those objections in your copy
  • (03:58) Some great copywriting resources like, CopyBlogger and the podcast from John McIntyre.
  • (04:15) How thinking like Seinfeld can help with your copy. Huh??
  • (05:15) The importance of creating multiple ways to help your customs convert into buyers

25+ Proven Lead Generation Ideas

What do we want? Leads! When do we want them? Now!

At the end of the day (or really at the beginning of it) a marketer’s goal is to get more leads.

So let’s find a way to get you some more leads with today’s Read. Sound good?

Rather than just telling you about lead gen strategies, this blog includes examples from companies who have done each of the strategies.

We’re diving right in because there’s a lot to cover and this intro has already used up 91 words.

Some of our favorite strategies:

  1. Create a Community – Create a community to connect like-minded people in your industry. As discussions pop up, you’ll have the chance to make new connections and organically teach people about your product.
  2. Host a Virtual Summit – This is a cross between a webinar and a conference. You’ll have multiple speakers at different times throughout a given day. This will give you access to your speakers’ respective audiences.
  3. Send a Survey Instead of a Cold Email – Use a survey as a data gathering technique with your target audience. To your prospects, it will seem like an effort to get data on industry benchmarks, but it also gives you the opportunity to find your prospects weaknesses.
  4. Do a Live Challenge – This is when you publicly set a goal to achieve and you post updates on your journey. For example, Groove positioned their challenge around getting $100k in monthly revenue.
  5. Use Content Upgrades – These are the best. Basically, write a blog post about a topic, and then write a downloadable that includes more info on that topic. Put a CTA in your blog linking to that downloadable. Then, promote the heck out of that blog.
  6. Create a Blog Post that Targets Your Competitors – Chances are good that during the decision phase, your buyers are researching you vs. your competitors. Write a blog about that. Here’s an example from Lead Forensics.

Dang, that’s a lot for a Monday morning, but there are still 19 other ideas in this one.

Mirry Christmas

How many kids do you think want a biscuitball for Christmas? What about an earplane? We’re gonna take a guess and say zero kids want either of those. But, Santa Claus didn’t realize that in Air New Zealand’s Christmas ad.

The ad features Santa taking phone calls from kids all over the world requesting things for Christmas. He has no problem understanding any of the kids, except for New Zealanders. Their accents are difficult for anyone to understand, Santa included. You’d think he’d have that figured out by now, but no.

Luckily, Air New Zealand flies in to correct Santa’s misunderstandings. They’re able to turn that biscuitball into a basketball and that earplane into an airplane.

See what else Santa misunderstands in today’s Watch.

“Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion.” 
Franz Kafka 

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